DRS course booking & application platform

Dahlem REsearch SchoolDahlem Research School (DRS) is the central unit for early career researchers at Freie Universität Berlin. We coordinate a wide range of doctoral degree programs, provide advice on all aspects of structured and individual doctorates and offer an inspiring qualification program.

In order to book workshops, please register hereMake sure you register with an institutional email address of one of the Berlin University Alliance partners or Universität Potsdam. Please use the button "DRS Workshops and courses" on the left to navigate to our workshops. Are you already registered on the platform? Please know that, in each new academic year, any unused budget points will expire. After confirmation of continued membership, a new personal budget will be allocated (check our terms and conditions).

To apply for a place or research position in one of the DRS doctoral programs, or participate in one of our competitions, please use the application platform button "DRS application platform" and, on the next screen, pick the call you want to apply to under the heading "I want to". In this case it is not necessary to use an email address of the Berlin University Alliance.


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